dating kak

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dating is full of kak.

when two people interact on a social level, there are set rules and flexible rules.

some examples of set dating rules are: no weird kak (like stalking, creepy kak and many other ‘written in stone’ type rules)

one example of a flexible dating rule is: the time you take to reply to communications (immediately, 10 minutes, 3 hours, 1 day, 3 days, or never (also sometimes called “ghosting”)

the latest kak trending thing in dating is: breezing

i read on about “breezy”. reportedly, celebrity Jenna Dewan, “breezed”  said by Channing Tatum, or the other way around ( sometimes has real kak reporting and like myself, what they say sometimes could mean two more things (this is a good style for when a 1% forces you in front of one of the 165 mostly men that run south africa)

so, now the social media scene is exploding with this kak “breezing” thing, which is actually a hybrid between seeming honesty, less dating games and quick communications, it is as much as blowing a fresh wind as mud is to being clear and transparent.

breezing is not a thing people. breezing is kak. just cause some star of the moment said someone is “minty” is does not mean that minty is a thing.  it is kak that everything has to be a thing, that every little molehill has to become a mountain, before shrinking back to a molehill and that all the while while all this random kak is going on, millions of south african rands are exported, for the pleasure of random kak.

yeah, that last sentence makes no sense to you and reads like kak, does it not?

but, if you actually take the second to think about kak, you will quickly figure out that it is not kak 🙂

you read that first, right here, on whahahahahaha this website makes you think what is kak and what is not kak. maybe that is the whole point of all this kak, i do not know and am living the dream, pay as you go style.