copyright and patents

society (us humans) intended for copyright to exist to protect the rights of an author, to ensure that the author would receive money, for a limited period of time, for the long work an author expended in the production of their works.

patents, similarly, protected the capital spent in research and development, fostered, engendered and facilitated development and growth (exclusivity for a limited period of time)

somewhere between the information economy and the rise of the corporate multinational giants, the extensive abuse of the now convoluted and elitist modern legal systems, society (us humans) are now at the receiving end of economic warfare. 99% of society has become the losers (suckers)

no longer are patents used to foster development and to fund growth, reward capital invested.

patents are now registered for war. economic warfare. to dominate. to control. powering extreme capitalism.

citing an example from a report, filed this day, on, Apple registered this ‘patent’ on a non existing device, and based on common intellectual property, with no innovation, no growth, no capital spent in development (except for the legal costs in filing the patent and the costs of documenting an ‘idea’ or random ‘thought’)

multinational companies have hundreds of thousands of such patents.

interestingly try to search, on the Internetz, to get accurate numbers on the total number of patents held by multinationals… It is common cause that IBM registered over 8000 patents only in one year (2016). What is not so well known is that many other companies also register thousands of patents each and every year. multinationals are not limited by country, in fact multinationals in China also file thousands of patents each year. after actually reading through some of the ‘new’ tech patents i am more convinced than ever that over 50% (more than HALF) of all tech patents are obvious, useless and only exist to strangle development or as ‘weapons’ in patent arsenals.

this is very bad for society (99% of, of course)

these patents are used for corporate warfare (and for milking the cows ) together with corporate espionage, where someone for example is paid to spy on, lets say: Samsung. with the (now proven successful) end game strategy of destabilizing the Samsung group. )

modern copyrights are even extended beyond death, for example how the rights of Elvis Presley, has even been ‘extended’   point is that it is no longer about protecting the author, it has now become about money, extreme capitalism, ongoing milking and not about producing new art, but about making as much money as you can for as long as you can and using the courts, systems, money and even legislation as weapons to enforce ‘rights’

bill gates / microsoft sold the same broken software to hundreds of millions of people. then, microsoft produced ‘better’ versions of the same software and made people pay for the new versions, again and again and again.

it is (and becomes) easy to justify anything. as long as you can convince yourself that whatever you do (or did) is ‘okay’ or is ‘allowed’ everything is perfectly fine. as long as you can convince yourself that your good deeds exceed your questionable deeds, everything is fine. yet, it is not fine. it will never be okay and what is done in the past has been done and cannot be changed by anything you do in the present or in the future.

society has become cows.

google milks their products, apple milks their products. automated milking machines. self driving milking machines (go and patent that)  – and – all the time an invisible war is going on. sometimes spilling into view, but mostly silent. silent and vicious. never vacuous. intensive, ongoing, persistent and endless.


and then this cow does a kak.