mass murder

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12 people dead. as a result of one mass shooting. if south africa was the usa, there would be multiple news and media coverage about this event, for a few days (or until the news cycle runs out, at least)

in a normal society 12 people are not murdered in a few minutes. in a normal society, when something this vile happens, there is drastic and extreme reaction. the truth is that this mass killing does not even make much news, there simply is too much news for this story to even make it into the top 5 news stories.

the police responded very well and with reaction units brought in by helicopter, special teams and many investigators. but the media, society and everyone else sucks.

i would like to remind you that this same placeĀ  where the people of that place are also cannibals. hundreds of people in ladysmith ate human flesh.

ladysmith is no lady.

so, after my two apartheid posts, i also have to look at the racial angle, as racism and apartheid is alive and not only well, but flourishing, growing and evolving in south africa.

i cannot help but wonder how sections of south african society would react if 12 farmers were murdered in a few minutes. but then i also have to look at the section of society that represents taxi owners and associations. i am not hearing anything about any protests from that section of society. no demands for central government intervention, no nothing. sadness, shock and well a few hours later, business as usual. so, this informs that some problems are societal problems and not racial.

a 12 person mass murder is not that important to most sectors of south african society, it is not a ‘big thing’ and it does not bring mass outrage. not that it is ‘acceptable’ just that it is accepted. it is understood that politicians are killed by murder for hire, it is accepted that taxi bosses are assassinated by murder for hire. it is understood and accepted that this is what society is or has become.

that is an indictment. not only south africa but on the planet.