the day when the property bubble will burst

so, 2.2 percent. is that it, or is south africa in for even worse?

south africa has an ever growing property bubble.

south africa has a very high rate of unemployment.

in south africa, the gap between the wealthy and the poor, is not just big. it is not just large. it is unfathomably enormous and completely unsustainable.

the economy shrinks by 2.2 percent, in three months. the “government workers” demand double digit increases.

the unionised employed all demand increases or they burn infrastructure to the ground.

workers at the only company that may supply electricity, by law, demand raises or they will shut down the country.

the unemployed everywhere protest and demand free property, free houses, free everything. they actually do burn hospitals, schools and infrastructure to the ground every now and again.

the day the property bubble bursts and the banks go, that day will not be good.

what did the kid with cancer get for christmas?

a broken arm.