are you a chicken or maybe a duck?

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do you lay golden eggs?

i know that i do not. my mobile phone is huge and is older than 10 years. my mobile phone calls costs less than .03 us cents per minute and is mostly free (from my carrier to others on the same carrier)

someone i know is a major apple freak. no, not the fruit, the apple devices. yes, this person is all over the apple iPhone X (as well as the Series 3 Apple Watch) – they also have a dedicated cupboard. it is filled with old apple devices. after the latest round of upgrades, they may have to get another cupboard or maybe a storage unit, to keep all their old apple devices.

each time it is the same story: this is the ultimate, the absolute best thing, even when sliced bread was invented, it is not even half as cool as this new apple device!

each time, and after a decade of shrugging shoulders and trying my best to look like a wet dog, i am a bit tired of doing that and the game has now become boring.

so, after this last round of. “oh, look at this new apple x”, i went: apple is kak.

the business model is kak

you are kak.

read all about how you are kak, on

so, here it is:

you pay tens of thousands of rands for something that you know will end up in a storage locker or kill our planet in a landfill.

you are a wasteful piece of kak and a kak human and a kak steward of moral and ethical behavior.

this company, and many like it, keeps on inventing reasons for you to stop using their product and pay them again for a new product that does 99% of the same thing that the previous product did. the tiny bit of improvement does not justify the circle this process inspires.

it does not contribute to a better world. it does not improve society. it does not make things “better” it does not make the planet better. it does not do anything healthy, except feed you ego and your ongoing insistence to empower huge multinational companies to further dominate the very fabric of society and to dilute the moral ethics of humanity in general.

your ongoing insistence to outdo your fellow man, by simply “owning” the latest version of whatever kak reflects on who and what you are.

you are what is wrong with us all.