park and run

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you are worried about your health.

worried that your fat ass will die and that you are not active enough, you heard: “sitting is the new smoking” or maybe your doctor told you: “exercise or die”

so, what does every good 1%-er like you do?

either hit the gym (and look for an ass to hit, while you are there) or park and run.

park that thirsty heavy metal box of yours at your neighborhood park and then run around.

while we are talking about this, go and sell that huge kak gas guzzling monster you call your vehicle. are you trying hard to kill the planet all by yourself? oh, wait, no. there are 1% of all people that are doing that with you.

park and run. you drive your planet killer over to your park and park it in the parking, then you jog your fat ass around the park.

why do you not help us cut the grass in your park? instead of your “park and run”

too busy, too important, do not like actual “work”, i am a heart surgeon, that is so much more important than the guy that sucks the kak out of my septic tank.

i am the 1% you are the 99% – go cut the grass, you are lucky to have a job, what is your name again? gotta call that other 99% -er thant works at the park admin to replace this arrogant low life scumbag who dares question the value of my humanity.

the list of top ten viruses on the planet, yet you are number 0, the worst of even the worst.

the 1% kills more of the 99% every year than any known virus does.