sexual predators

so now you know that i read people magazine. the front page story in this weeks edition is all about harvey weinstein and how brave women stood up to a powerful movie mogul accused of horrifying sexual abuse. the whole story reminded me about the president of america and me hearing how the president of the united states of america said in a recording something to the effect that powerful people can do what they like. something like powerful people can grap women by the cunt and that they will and can do nothing. i cannot remember the exact words, but that is the gist of what i recall, anyway.

in my minds eye i recalled bill clinton and the cigar. in a different time though, it is apparently okay to grab someones wife or daughter by the cunt, but in a different time, it is not okay to stick a cigar up someones wife or daughter.

people suck.

powerful people suck so much more. they do think they can do anything they like. this has never changed, form the start of time – and this will not change now – which is why it is a good argument that we need to develop a society where there should not be any powerful people. it is truly scary that some people will even elect someone who admits abusing power, to a powerful office. of course there are levels of scared. and some things are simply more scary than other things.