Jess Knoll removes all doubt

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sometimes one may wonder if someone is an obnoxious human being. then that same someone goes and writes something proving what they are and all doubt is removed.

jesse knoll apparently wrote an opinion piece is the new york times titled: ‘i want to be rich and i am not sorry

jesse knoll associates success as a human being with the amount of money she is able to amass.

in the piece she postulates that if “we” want to do anything about the “wealth gap” we have to come at it from every angle. apparently one of her perceived angles is that the “wealth gap” is gender related.

there are arguments for and against the statement: money is the root of all evil. there are people who shrug when called obnoxious and there are people who care when they are called obnoxious.

then there is the promotion of pure capitalism, where one human animal is praised when that human animal is able to dominate, control and even own another human animal.

i only have some more things to say to the myopic human animal, jesse knoll: when you shit, it stinks.

and, you cannot take your success with you when you shuffle off this mortal coil.

collect your worthless money. in a few thousand years you will be nothing as i have read some of your writing. it will not stand the test of time. the fast food you are producing now, will be forgotten with the next shit.