black racism

a perfect example of black racism is displayed in this youtube video where a black skinned woman rants using racist and offensive language.

a black skinned woman clearly considers herself superior because of her skin colour. when comparing this video, and the statements, they are similar to those made by the white skinned racist Penny Sparrow. 

the question that will shortly be answered is – how fair is the south african system of justice.  of course, with all this media attention, the woman will probably be charged with  crimen injuria, but the burning question is whether she will be charged with racism, or not

Recently (Yesterday)  Willies Mchunu (KZN, ANC) spoke out against hate speech on Facebook, where someone called for the killing of Indians in KZN, he said that the person(s) responsible will be identified and prosecuted. It matters not whether they are white skinned, black skinned, tan skinned, green skinned or purple skinned. South African society needs to accept that racism and hate speech itself is not only perpetrated by white skinned people, but by all people wearing all colours of skins.