state of emergency regulations

power. control. domination.

little pockets of power exist in many places.

the guy (or gal) at the drivers license test center. the mentally unstable and intellectually challenged guy that controls any aspect of your life, in hidden and secret places (that you are not even aware of)

the truth is that the 99% has fuckall.

we have fuckall to lose financially, fuckall assets to speak of (nothing we do not mind losing) and many of the 99% are starting to realize that tomorrow we will still have fuckall. our children will have fuckall and our children will in all probability also have fuckall chance of ever having anything to lose.

in south africa, where the gap between the have and the have not, is ever widening. the middle (the 87% – 99 %) is becoming smaller, poorer and so indebted that over 50% of income is servicing interest repayments.

the 1% and the securocrats are planning on how to dominate the 99% in south africa, as they are scared of the 99%

they are scared of their own people, their own brothers and sisters.

they hear the frustration.

they hear that the gap is widening and that the economic situation is becoming dire.

they hear that their people are suffering.

they hear that there are serious problems.

yet, they are not listening.

the politicians make pretty promises, are elected and then proceed to pilfer the state and make the situation even worse.

what do the 1% and the securocrats expect to happen?

instead of creating local jobs.there are hundreds of ways to create millions of jobs in south africa and immediately improve the lives of your brothers and sisters. – and these hundreds of ways are all tested and will all work.

as a single example – that will create 100 000 jobs in one year – legalize electricity.

in south africa, electricity is illegal.

electricity is a monopoly business. in nevada, usa 25 000 permanent local jobs were created in a 12 month period, simply be legalizing their electricity. all over the usa, local jobs are created by people installing green electricity on their rooftops and selling excess electricity to the grid.

this is just one simple example of 100 000 jobs, i have many more. yet, who cares? nobody.

what the 1% cares about is staying the 1% or becoming part of the .01% – simple human greed.

what the securocrats care about is getting paid to dominate, control and destroy other people (many of these psycho freaks occupy top positions in all sectors of the government)

all the vast majority of all people in south africa want is just to be employed, feed their families and be happy.

this includes not being robbed by politicians, government officials or the 1%

yes, make draconian security state of emergency powers to advise the president of south africa to suspend the south african constitution.

you will need them as you will have to kill your brothers and sisters, oppress your brothers and sisters and destroy the lives of families and societies.

in a truly open, free and democratic society – why would we need draconian state of emergency regulations?

any thinking person knows that we do not.

we may need state of emergency regulations that empower to resolve specific situations, as in extreme weather or targeted riots and short term social emergencies.

but to promulgate the current proposed state of emergency regulations would only serve to demonstrate that there are those in power that are plotting to turn south africa into a dictatorship.