welcome catalonia

on the 9th day of october 2017 a new country will be (re)born. before 1975, catalonian culture was oppressed and after 1975 catalonian people were simply absorbed by the spanish. the catalonian people are a nation, catalonians have their own rich culture and it is an historic moment in time at the re-birth of this country.

it happens frequently that larger countries absorb smaller countries. it happened over and over in south africa as the mighty zulu nation absorbed many smaller nations. the british were defeated in war. but in a second war the british won and absorbed the two internationally recognized countries, the south african republic and the free state. colonialism, by warrior tribes like the xhosa, the zulu and the boers, saw many countries and nations simply wiped from the face of the earth.

anyway, welcome catalonians, i wish you succeed in your establishment of your country and that the spanish cease to oppress and dominate you.