mass protests

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taxi operators are protesting. no, not against multiple mass murders, where as much as 12 people are killed in a few minutes, but for complaints about lack of protectionism. roads are being effectively closed, violence is erupting as motorists are attacked by violent protestors. for money. protesting because cheaper mass transit (which saves struggling poor families money) means less money for greedy taxi operators. #blackmonday farmers of all races protest, not against the dumping of foreign chickens on the south african market which is decimating the chicken farmers, not about the reduced support from central government, not about increased protection for sectors of the farming industry but against the high percentage of murders in low density population areas. farm murders. the police minister talks about the crime percentages and per capita murder statistics in parliament, but the police minister neglects to compare the population density into his calculations as well as the senseless and ultra violent racial nature of many farm attacks. perspective informs views. clearly this is a point of view issue and strong opinions are not based in scientific and statistical fact but more fuzzy type of ‘how one chooses to interpret’ the same numbers.

taxi operators say that they cannot make a living and feed their families as cheaper mass transit takes their customers.

society, the people and the poor, cannot afford to drive in taxis.

so, this is now an excuse to protest, to damage property and to cause mayhem and to damage the south african economy. disrupt the little bit of production that exists. further reducing government tax revenues. less production means less taxes means less services. as it is south africa already has far too many public holidays. far too many days in a calendar year, where production is disrupted. all these disruptions are a threat to national security as it is eroding the tax base. eroding the money.

protests about money further reducing the money. if it was not so sad, it would be so funny.

my shoes are too small for my feet, okay, let me shoot myself in the foot. that will make it all better.

right. ignorance and stupidity sitting in a tree. kay eye es es eye en gee.