Legal murder of poor South African people

Extreme capitalism is directly responsible for the murder of many thousands of poor people in South Africa.

Over the next 25 years, many poor children will still die due to exactly the same greed, corruption and extreme capitalist ventures.

In the USA, a New Jersey state court has awarded an American citizen $117 million dollars to a man that developed cancer as a result of asbestos exposure yesterday (the 11th of April 2018)

In South Africa many rental houses have asbestos roofs, asbestos gutters and asbestos down pipes.

The slum lords who own these tens of thousands of mostly non maintained asbestos houses, rent to young poor families, often with many small children. Every few years many of these asbestos family homes are illegally sanded and thousands of small children are exposed to asbestos dust.

The slum lords are extreme capitalists, they do not care about the death of small children in 20 years time. All they care about is low costs, low labour costs and money.

The South African major banks do not care either. Neither does the Stock Exchange (JSE)

They regularly provide long term bonds and loans on asbestos homes to well leveraged extreme capitalists whom are getting richer and richer all the time and legally murdering small children.

The South African Government has issued labour legislation, with enforceable prison sentences, but when poor people actually threaten a slum lord that they are going to file criminal charges as their children are exposed to asbestos dust, they are threatened with eviction and sometimes actually evicted.

The legal murder of small children and young families over a few decades.

Many poor families are trapped in a never ending cycle of living hand to mouth and can never afford to “own” any property as they are paying too high rentals and property rents are constantly increasing at, or higher, than the average rate of inflation.

Many of these poor families are being legally and slowly murdered over decades.  The major South African banks, ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank – have no public declared policy of non finance to asbestos homes.

greed. murder. guilty.