artificial intelligence

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in a year or two it will be too late.

societies around the world allowed social media and multinational internet companies to dominate the planet and in many societies it is far too late for legislation and laws to protect society. as society is starting to understand the impact of social media on society, the good, the bad and the ugly, self regulation, self enforcement and self control and dominance is the order of the day.

artificial intelligence is following the same route. we already know that robot tech is good enough to replace the human body. elon musk labs already proved that in 2008. over the past 10 years that same robot tech has improved and the latest robot tech results in mechanical devices that is far better than the human body and much more capable. add artificial intelligence to the robot bodies and you have an effective and new race of super beings.

not science fiction, not somewhere in the distant future. within the next five years.

as i recently had to kill my own little person (as she started doing weird stuff) i have no doubt that the human race is heading for extinction and at a much faster pace than even i thought.

self regulation, self enforcement and self control. the multinationals “think” they will win the race. they “think” they will dominate, they “think” they can control it.

and society is the little white laboratory rat.

dead rat.