life is cheap

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christopher jantjies was sentenced to 12 years for the ‘brutal’ and ‘callous’ murder of xolosile manjezi. BUT at the time of the murder, christopher jantjies was already serving a life sentence for the murder of a cop. AND the new sentence is to run ‘concurrent’ with that life sentence.

In theory, christopher jantjies can do another murder, get another 12 years and still be out of prison in the same time.

life is cheap.

in fact, the tax payers, who pays for this entire circus, should be upset. someone should care and someone should be upset.

but, they are not. who cares if some guy in prison kills another guy in prison. Very clearly the courts do not.

in fact, in south african prisons, the numbers gangs and other gangs are in charge. the prison officials allow the gangs to run the prisons as it makes the prisons ‘easier’ to manage and ‘safer’ for the prison guards.

south african prisons are one of the most corrupt places in africa and the majority of prison officials are corrupt to the core.

south african prisons, our police and our entire “justice” systems are nurseries. the plants growing in the nurseries, grow into strong trees.  senior advocates, in south africa, get paid six figures R 000 000 per day of work, in a society where the average human being earns a few rands per hour. not only does the average human being not have any justice but there are no working court systems and corruption is endemic, corruption is the system.

personally, i was arrested, with no arrest warrant (illegally and by a cop wanting a bribe) which i refused to pay. my actual charge was: ‘refusing to supply a police officer with my address’ – i was arrested at my address, in fact, inside my address – which the cop and his partner both entered without even knocking or asking if he could enter and with no warrant or anything.

from the police cells, after being held in the same concrete cell with alleged murderers, robbers and other nice people  and for many days, i was eventually transferred to the court cells. in the court cells a ranking policeman received money from a convicted prisoner to let him into a cell where he started frisking and robbing everyone (money or any possessions). i saw how the court policeman received his cut of the takings. – of course my case was thrown out of court and i was discharged as it is not yet a crime to refuse to pay a bribe. (but, if you rock the boat too much, you could surely be framed for better charges) anyway, the policeman who arrested me six years ago, was recently promoted. luckily he is white so he probably will never become a police general, but who knows.

i hate the police and i do not trust the police, or our court systems at all. i know that all of the police men and women that i have dealt with during my ordeal, which includes the commanding officers, are all corrupt because not only do they not do anything, they also refuse to do anything.

anyway, does it help to complain about how corrupt and rotten the police and the prison services are?

no.  they are rotten to the core and they are a gang themselves. they all have uniforms and guns. the courts and justice are only for the rich and the wealthy. even then, the rich and wealthy can also be taken down.

does it help to point out that there is no justice?


in fact, quite patently and quite openly and objectively – from the simple and salient facts: the additional murder of another human person results in a concurrent running prison sentence, half of what the murderer is already doing.

not only is justice in south africa an expensive COMEDY but it is a reflection of a closed, corrupt, sick and festering society.

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