children in cages

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african society values little children. africa may be many things, like poor, under developed, exploited by the powerful, exploited by the rich and oppressed by human greed.

but, general african society will not stand for anyone keeping babies or little children (one, two and three years old) in cages.

societies that keep little children in cages, for whatever reason, is not only sick but also disgusting.

little children have nothing. they cannot decide anything for themselves, they are the true innocent. little children are weak and powerless.

a society that places little children in cages is rotten and sick to the core.


a society that traumatises little children does not understand and will not understand many things. such a society is ignorant of brutality. devoid of basic human understanding and also fully capable of perpetrating other extreme horrors.

if a society could cage little children, it is a sick and potentially violent and dangerous society.

an ignorantly violent society is capable of further evolution (or devolution) into even more heinous behaviors. anyone that can actually keep little innocent children in cages does not understand life. is devoid of humanity and has very low emotional intelligence. a society that keeps little children in cages is a very sick society, such societies do not get better, they generally tend to become worse, autocratic and eventually grow to become generally incapable of ethics, morals and humanity.

a society that keeps little children in cages, has stage one cancer.

a society that keeps little children in cages is seriously ill and will in all probability, eventually die.