alleged criminals employed to catch alleged criminals

just in case you thought you have heard it all…

a News24 journalist claims that the Gateway Theatre of Shopping employed criminals to catch criminals as he was allegedly detained and assaulted, not by police, but by civilian security guards in the employ of the Gateway Theatre of Shopping what is also interesting is that (never mind the alleged assault)  the Gateway shopping center allegedly has the “power” to reportedly kidnap people. If you or I dare “detain” anyone we would be arrested by the real police, or would we?

maybe not: the South African Police have corrupt members and at least some of these members are never prosecuted, in my personal knowledge and experience. so i guess if you pay a bribe, nothing will happen. unless maybe if it happens to a reporter, has media coverage or happens to a one percenter or for some other random reason.

so, the “Gateway Theater of Shopping” hires private people, to “protect” their client’s customers mostly because society is broken? or because the real police suck? or for whatever other justifiable reason (like Tyson said: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.“)

anyway, the guys in charge, the owners and/or controllers of “Gateway Theater of Shopping”  are PRIMEDIA (they also own 947, 702, KFM and CapeTalk ) and lotsa other stuff.  so, they are real important and so very powerful people.

but it is never the powerful people’s fault.

luckily, how it works in modern society is that the top dogs can earn millions of rands a year, but they are far away from the kak they own and control, on the street. they pay others to handle that all for them. oh, the 1%  does not have stinky kak, at all.

in society there are also the other “owners” (sometimes represented by huge pension fund directors, earning millions, managing retirement money on behalf of the receding middle class – these “directors” are generally also 1%’s )

good news for the 99% — the 1% in South Africa is expected to grow by over 30%  over the next nine years, as the 1% system absorbs some more of the 99% to become the 1% – According to Knight Frank we are gonna have over 52 500 $ millionaires in SA ( we have just over 40 000 $ millionaires in South Africa now)  lucky us. in 10 years we will still be the 99% if nothing changes. estimations are that we will be even poorer than we are right now. (so, +-500 000 people, the 1% is not a small army, but the 10’s of millions making up the 99% is a lot more. i sometimes think that the less than 500 000 people do not understand how much the 99% actually is?)

the 1% just buys some shares and “forget about it”. you can own kak without much of any responsibility. modern society is truly marvelous, it is so slanted in favour of the 1%, the 1% does not even see it from that angle. so, to recap, National Union of Mineworkers is using money that comes from (and came from) whom? to buy shares in PRIMEDIA  (and how much are the bosses of NUMSA paid in salary a year? wow. the rivers run deep and the road is long)

but, it is not your fault 1% (some poor smuck non 1% manager somewhere is gonna get the blame) see, corporate governance, lots of paperwork and feelgood little words and systems isolate and protects, provides deniability of all responsibility.  want salaries of millions or “earn” millions – do not want, get or take the kak. if anyone has to pay anything the shareholders will each take a 1c knock. maybe we can write it off as “operating expenditure” and the taxpayer can pay it…who cares.

blame it on someone else. nothing to do with you. you are the 1% you are not in charge. you are not in control. what ails society has nothing to do with you, it is always someone else.

similar kak happened with the whole KMPG debacle. so, some partners resign (these partners received millions of rands) and now everything is fine. It is not. things are not fine, they are not okay and the slope is getting more slippery by the month. wait until ntate Julius Malema (president of the EFF) becomes the president. everyone says they will not take kak from the 1% but then they become the 1% – it’s like the borg in star trek, resistance is futile. oh man, do i wish i was a 1% (or even a 10%) then i could also just say: there is no kak here, so f*k*f wena.

you know what is even more kak? the 1% will read my truth above and they will decide to take offense at it, straight talk is hurtful. more hurtful if you know and understand what it means.

of course, if it was not a News24 journalist, this whole story would have probably not made any news. and this blog post will be ranting and spewing kak at some other windmill. i have a lot of anger. deep red, passionate anger. society is sick. planet earth is sick. i am sick. you are sick. the world is not fair. the playing field is not level. and there are hungry lions and crazy heynas all over the place. and the odd vulture. many sheep. the circle of life. until the singularity. so stick around, early days… this is real kak. reality kak at it’s best.

freedom to speak, freedom to become a 1%, freedom to speak out against the economic imbalances in society, freedom to read and to disagree. freedom to understand,  have empathy with the journalist that claims to have been kidnapped (held against his will by private people) and assaulted. the journo is not a 1% he is a nobody, like me. i do not think that the 99%, in a free society, are not going to take this kak much longer…

so, either oppress the 99% properly and push us further into the ground, or level some playing fields. a start would be to do something for this old guy, he and hundreds of thousands of others, needs a break. not a handout, a hand.

What South African society needs: Free education. (yes, all the way to university) for all qualifying individuals. Vastly improved health care, A lot more social assistance, specifically for the young and disabled.  Access to electricity, water, housing and rural infrastructure. More of the 99% needs to be employable, employed. We will need to increase our own output. both in terms of our own domestic consumption requirement as well as provision for foreign consumption. far more aggressively. We need to reduce foreign inputs in terms of our domestic consumption and alter the structure of our foundation.  will this and even more happen? probably not.

read more about the kidnapping and assault claims on News24 here…