South Africa should buy Zimbabwe

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As Trump is thinking about buying Greenland (and 10 000 people), it may now become fashionable for countries to buy sections of other countries.

Maybe South Africa should buy Zimbabwe?

It will not be that expensive? How much will Zim cost?

Why stop there? We should start buying up other countries also.

What is Trump going to pay for Greenland? How much does 10 000 people cost?

So many questions. Does the PPD (Price Per Dane) translate or relate to the price of a Danish person in Denmark? Is there different prices for children? or are they full price? Does one pay more for handicapped people? or are they cheaper?

What does Trump think? Should you pay more for old people or less?

Does the PPD relate to the average price per citizen of other countries?

Will Russia or China make a counter offer for Greenland? or maybe try to buy Iceland instead? Will there be country auctions?

So many questions. So much KAK.

Congratulations to Trump for winning the KAK idea award for the month!

Read more about Trump buying Greenland on the BBC website…