Value of human life

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The life of any one person is not equal or the same as the life of any other person.

For example: The life of a child molester VS the life of the State President of South Africa is NOT equal.

If someone should assassinate or kill the State President of South Africa that life would be worth a lot more than the life of the average person living in South Africa.

The life of the State president of South Africa is extremely important and a lot of resources must be committed to protect and serve the country and make very sure that the State president is safe.

The life of an unemployed shack dweller is important, but less important than that of an International pilot, whom contributed hundreds of thousands of rands per year to the tax base of South Africa so that there can be funds and resources to protect the life of the State President, as well as pay for unemployed and unskilled shack dwellers to receive social grants…

In Zimbabwe, the government does not have enough resources to even pay for electricity and the country is constantly in “survival mode”

In South Africa contributors to the economy and resources of the country are being murdered, most of the times the murders are not solved.

in South Africa the South African Police Services have many corrupt police persons and the Police is not trusted as calling the Police to a crime will probably result in more crime or no action anyway. (Our car was broken into, we did not even bother to report it to the Police as doing so means nothing unless you are planning to claim insurance…) Bottom line: The Police is corrupt. The court system, for the average person, is broken. It feels as if violent crime is becoming more pervasive and more random.

An international pilot was murdered, seemingly randomly. Someone whom contributed hundreds of thousands of rands to the tax man yearly….

No arrests, no suspects, same as many farm murders… Some of these farm murders seems racial and organised “racial cleansing” as in many cases the white farmers are also tortured to death.  These are also productive and tax paying people, I think that the country should consider this threat to the tax base, which also pays civil servants salaries, as a threat to the national security of South Africa.

If you are a civil servant and you receive a monthly salary from the state, have a look next door, Zimbabwe, what happens when a state has no money…