apartheid is alive and well and living in south africa

south africa, the inventor of apartheid has yet again emerged as the leading racial apartheid country in the world. in the new black south africa the legal system underscores apartheid much the same as the legal system underscored apartheid under verwoerd and the afrikaner broederbond. in the new and improved south africa the afrikaner broederbond has only removed the word afrikaans.

let me illustrate how apartheid is alive and well, using actual real examples of racism: two white guys places a black guy in a coffin and is sentenced to 14 years in prison. a black taxi driver kills a white 8 year old little girl and is sentenced to 8 years in prison.

see, a little white girl being dead and the honor of a black guy (who is still very healthy and very alive) is a great comparison as to how the legal system effectively works right now.

white farmers are killed by many black guys in front of their little children and some are never caught. those that are caught will maybe, if they are ever convicted, probably receive light sentences, even be out in parole after a while, ready to kill again.

the value of a life wearing a white skin has become fuckall. whereas if the honor of a black skin is damaged then a quarter of the white man lifetime will be spent in prison.

racism is as racism does. whether you are wearing a white skin or a black skin. and as there are ten black skins for every white skin it will be no time at all before things spin out of control.

i guess america and other countries also have their fair share of racism. in fact, many societies are sick and completely fucked up. maybe it is a people thing? people are truly fucked up and people deserve the extinction that they will face when the machine takes over.