apple iphone x

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there are many reasons why the new apple iphone x sucks.

the main comment is that apple (like google and facebook) is over developing.

the amount of ‘cool’ in the apple iphone x is exceeded by the amount of suck.

there is very little ‘cool’ but there is a lot of suck. the price tag, the slow facial rec, that you have to be staring into the device (instead of glancing at it on a desk), the ‘new’ finger movements (to learn & to get confused with on other apple devices), the cropped squares in the over extended screen (on images and videos) and more (finding sucky things on the apple iphone x, is like shooting fish in a barrel)

if the apple iphone x is apple’s vision of the future, the future for apple, sucks.

eat too many apples and this carbohydrate could make you fat. (too much of a good thing can be a bad thing)