fascism is alive and well

all over, fascism is alive and well.

even a common street beggar knows something you do not (and can teach you something of value about life).

the thing is to remain open to understanding that of which you may still be ignorant of.

the other thing is to know, understand and truly accept that you are ignorant of many things. (of course you have to fully understand what ignorance actually means)

as an example, take this (mis)quote: “to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” repeated, altered and adjusted by many a vile human creature as well as many well adjusted humans alike. this (mis)quote started by bending what Voltaire, in essence, said first. it was altered just enough to be somewhat original by a mostly vile creature. (who will remain nameless in this post)

the above quote may yet be further misquoted, altered and adjusted as the principle pertains directly to the relationships, understanding and interactions humans have with the society wherein they exist.

for example: i could say: “to learn who is against you, simply find out who reacts badly to your criticism” the principles remain the same. learning (or confirming) by saying something and tracking the reactions to that which you said.

fascism often goes hand in hand with nationalism, despotism, authoritarianism and of course racism.

yes fascist google, I wrote this piece whilst thinking about a few fascists, including you.

americans, russians, chinese, heck every nation on the planet all struggle to accept any perceived negative comments. jews, arabs, christians and every other religion on the planet all struggle to accept any perceived negative comments. elitist organisations, groups, gangs of all sorts and organised bodies of membership all struggle to accept any perceived negative comments.

everyone is so very important and nobody has stinky shit. yet they all, and we all, do shit. all of our shit stinks.

some of the mentioned countries, groups and religious gangs react violently to negative comments, whether deserved or not. some of these have a ridiculously stupid: “for us or against us” attitude.

shame. they must be so aggressive because they are so very fragile? it is a choice to take exception. it is a choice to declare hatred, opposition or escalate your fragility.

anyway, fascism is alive and thrivingMadeleine Albright, an ex US Secretary of State recently wrote this interesting piece about fascism in the USA.   In other countries respected people are opining similar ideas and expressing similar opinions.

you should think about that. but, statistically, you will not as you may not understand the issue.

it is what it is.