who would have thought it possible 5 years ago, that a president in one country is watching the twitter stream of a president of another country, in order to decide if another country should be invaded or not.

twitter. for fuck sake. death and destruction in under 280 characters.

mind you, there is also a lot of new words floating around. like “trumpism”

trumpism definition: the art of dividing to conquer and also, the art of mass deception. truth is what you are told it is and has little or no bearing on facts or reality, reality is what you are told it is.

but, it is also you. you are and have become more and more fucked up. you have stopped paying attention to what the facts are and what is true. you listen, follow and like the truth as it is preached to you and how you “feel”.

words mean nothing much anymore. not only do fewer people read, but fewer people even care.

so, the truth is: you are fucked up. to fix yourself, you have to change. change is difficult as you are addicted to the “easy” the “simple” little effort, everything packaged, nice and easy.

you are living and addicted to: drive through life.

so, right back there at it: You are fucked (as well as fucked up)