world war three

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Reuters News is basically screaming world war three, nuclear war and total mutually assured destruction of planet earth. anyway, reuters said: “North Korea says rockets to U.S. ‘inevitable’ ” and reports that Donald Trump said: “Kim Jong Un “won’t be around much longer” ” and gems like this  “Doomsday” article a few days ago.

Rolling Stone magazine (October 5th issue) contains an article entitled: “The Madness of Donald Trump” this publication as a very non flattering cartoon image of the President of the United States on it’s cover. The US President stands on a huge brick wall. The wall is topped off with barbed wire and President Trump is depicted as shouting in rage whilst holding his twitter device in his left hand (or the nuclear launch codes, it is unclear)

the image implies the isolation of America and the towering rage above the wall. america against the world.

the Rolling Stone magazine is very influential. in fact is is also read in africa. so is “New Scientist” who has Donald Trump playing chess with Xi Jinping – that magazine screams : END GAME – you are right to worry about nuclear war. the New Scientist website goes a step further with a cartoon of an apparent nuclear weapon being drawn and quartered by the four horsemen of the apocalypse? – as represented by Xi Jinping (China – love you Sir!), Donald Trump (USA – you have great hair, say what you mean and and you shoot from the hip!), Kim Jong Un (North Korea – and notable re-inventor of the cool word “dotard” – you rock Kim!) and Vladimir Putin (Russia – you have a cool name and everyone likes you!) – anyway, so yeah, what an image. ( New Scientist magazine knows how to get any thinking person to start burrowing a 200 meter underground bunker this afternoon…)

south africa is the america of africa. yes, we even have illegal immigrants from as far as egypt. it is becoming harder to enter south africa, no, we do not have a wall between us and zimbabwe. the zimbabweans will probably fall asleep climbing any wall. there are only old people left in zimbabwe, the very old and the very young. every other self respecting zimbabwean is in south africa, making money and sending it home. (zimbabwe is a failed country, it has no currency, it uses the mighty american dollar. in africa. no, not the rand. the dollar. american currency is so much better than african currency.)

on the topic of nuclear wars: we destroyed our nuclear weapons a long time ago (south africa had four nuclear weapons) no, we did not try to develop missiles to fit our nuclear weapons on, no we did not think about attacking other countries. no we did not worry about being attacked.  i note for the record that this does not mean no countries are pointing nuclear weapons at us, some are pointed at us. do we care? (hint: starts with an “n”)

we, generally, and as a nation, believe in ubuntu. 

oh, wait. like apple, ubuntu has also been taken. so if you google that kak, you have to actually add “ubuntu african ethical philosophy”

here is an easy link for your lazy ass: click here

if anything, Xi Jinping and Donald Trump (all leaders should) google that.

the 1% can also google it! – yes am talking to you

just use your own minds, think for yourself. do not choose to be a kak!