most racist country in the world fucked equally by coronavirus

south africa taxes all races the same, without discrimination. but coronavirus aid is allocated by race.

yet, the virus does not care, the coronavirus does not discriminate by race.

it is reported that the president of south africa said that “radical economic transformation” is going to happen in south africa. again, by race – sound familiar?

everything in this fucking country is always about race.

so, with this constant exposure and constant reminders and constant pressure and constant media coverage about RACE – everyone is more sensitive and more focussed on race.

this means that more and more things become about race.

i happen to have a white skin.

does this mean that i am forever fucked in south africa? forever fucked because i am not a great racist as i believed that people of all skin colours should have equal opportunities and equal access to basic rights.

i am not rich, i am not even “middle class”, i have to work hard at many different jobs in many timezones, sometimes 18 hours in a 24 hour period. just to have an average existence. yet, there are millions of people in south africa that do absolutely fuckall, they do not take any responsibility for their own situation.

all they do is dance in the streets, moan, bitch, complain and burn shit. everything is everyone elses fault. these masses of people accept no responsibility, they apparently do fuckall as there is fuckall and they are like swarms of locusts.

i am truly tired and truly and deeply disgusted that so many people are constantly concerned about race and skin colour.

why is race such a huge issue? i may have been completely wrong in believing that all people are created equal and should have equal opportunities, equal rights.

people are not equal. since the dawn of time people have never been equal.

i am starting to think that i need to be more racist myself as i have to adapt to my country and my situation in order for me to survive and thrive.

white people will have to start looking after white people as clearly nobody else is going to look after white skinned people in south africa. or maybe white skinned people should fuck off to a non racial country? is botswana racist? i know the majority of black zimbabweans are racists, so zimbabwe is out, as zimbabwe is a true shithole, the black racists in zimbabwe has completely fucked up their country, in fact there are probably more racist zimbabweans in south africa than their are in people in zimbabwe… but, no, i am a south african. so i am truly fucked.

then again, even in the once great USA, there are constantly race issues. maybe all countries of the world are racist?

when nelson mandela became president of south africa i thought we would build a truly non racial nation, a rainbow nation, one people, not divided by race. i knew we would have problems and i knew that all countries have problems, but there was hope that race would no longer be one of those problems.

how wrong things turned out.

almost 30 years after the end of apartheid and it is still all about race.

a hundred years from now, it will still be about race. white skinned people will still be evil fucks and black people will still not accept any responsibility.

the vast majority of south africans do fuckall and take fuckall responsibility for themselves. south africa is becoming a nanny state where the little children cannot drink alcohol and may not smoke. the truth is that alcohol consumption is not about the virus as much as it is about the confinement. when the children drink alcohol the domestic abuse escalates, hospital emergency rooms are filled with knife wounds and many die in road accidents.

i do not drink or smoke, so i am less affected by the nanny state, where the majority of the children and other people are so truly fucked up that they cannot control themselves and are truly like little children.

but, i have to live in south africa and i have to deal with the millions of children, including the violent armed children who wear blue and brown uniforms. i have to worry that my country will target me for writing my feelings on a blog. i have to worry that there are little children reading my writing and with limited intellectual capabilities deciding my future.

i have so many questions and i have so few answers.

i do agree that little children should not smoke or drink. maybe that is a start. start with the tings that i know to be true.

so, it is true that the majority of south africans are truly little children. it is also true that, in a nanny state, military violence will be required to keep the kids in control.

if the children are allowed to drink and smoke and run amock, the children will burn hospitals, burn schools, loot and steal as they always do when they run amock.

it follows therefore that if south africa is to become a nanny state, there will have to be a “strong man” in charge. not a concensus seeker, but a strong dictator. as we are dealing with coronavirus and will still be dealing with the virus next year, it may be that a new leader will be elected by the ANC, this new leader may rise and become the “strong man” and once such a “strong man” is in power, the power will become absolute.

we do not have as many multi level buildings as some countries, so south africans will probably not “fall” off high buildings, (mind you, i do recal reading in media that people used to jump out of buildings during apartheid?) – in south africa we may just have “missing persons” it is cheaper and more effective, more so if nothing functions and nothing works. who knows, maybe people will fall out of buildings here again also.

the present leaders are creating the future south africa.

the truth is that i live in a country where the majority of the people are children. the further truth is that many people are racists and that even coronavirus aid, is allocated by race. the sad truth is that south africa will probably always be one of the most racist countries on the planet. where white, yellow and dark skin wearers discriminate on the basis of race. is there a place for non racists in south africa? the sad and disgusting truth is maybe not so much.  non racists will either have to move or to adapt to the culture of the country…